SESSION Q4 – 20 Year Vicennial Celebrations

Join us as we look back over some of our favourite festival films from our 20-year history. Festival Director and co-founder Mark Sedon takes us on an audio-visual journey deep into the film archives of the past two decades, remembering the days when he would introduce the films, then duck behind the curtain and hit play on the VHS player. Enjoy a fun trip down memory lane.

Sinners (14 mins) Directed by Bill Heath, People’s Choice in 2005. The music and the joy of the gasping-for-air moments that only come from deep powder skiing.
Cold (19 mins) Directed by Anson Fogel, Grand Prize in 2011. Climbing an 8,000m peak in winter almost killed them.
The Swiss Machine (20 mins) Directed by Peter Mortimer & Nick Rosen, shown in 2011. The story of Ueli Steck’s record-breaking ascents in the Alps.
Best of the Best Short Films: Cascada (2013 – 8 mins) kayaking, Where the Wild Things Play (2018 – 4 mins) women who rip, Spellbound (2021 – 5 mins) BASE jumping, Hors Piste (2021 – 6 mins) cartoon
Race for the Nose (22 mins) Directed by Nick Rosen &Peter Mortimer, Grand Prize in 2012. An attempt to break the legendary speed record on the 1,000m El Capitan.
Metronomic (16 mins) Directed by Vladimir Cellier, People’s Choice in 2011. The meeting of the Flying Frenchies, air dancers and musicians.
Dodo’s Delight (28 mins) Director: Sean Villanueva-O’Driscoll, People’s Choice in 2017. Jump on board a madcap sailing adventure to the biggest rock walls in the Arctic.


Saturday 2 July – 7.30pm to 10.30pm (doors open and live music from 7.00pm)
Session Q4
Queenstown Memorial Centre, 1 Memorial Drive.
$30 (youth discount $5)