BOOK 3: Avian conservation to big-mountain cliff drops: Peta Carey and Sam Masters

Tamatea Dusky: the extraordinary portrait of Fiordland’s Dusky Sound with Peta Carey.
Peta will guide us through a glimpse of the fascinating history of this remote fiord, which contains over 700 islands and some of the most enduring stories of conservation in NZ. The book begins with early Mäori legend and Captain Cook’s 6-week stay in 1773 on the Resolution. It then traverses the genesis of nature conservation in NZ over 120 years ago before continuing through to the present-day fight for the survival of Kakapo, Kiwi and Tieke/Saddleback. The book weaves compelling tales of human endeavour and species protection with stunning large-format photography, which Peta will share with us as she tells these magnificent stories from this unique corner of Aotearoa.

Tamatea Dusky won the Heritage category and was chosen as 2021 NZ Mountain Book of the Year.

BREAK: The café will be open for a drink or a snack. Book sales and signings.

The story of NZ Free Skiing: A brand new visual history of powder, cliff drops and backflips with Sam Masters.
“How did our tiny country with limited ski infrastructure spawn some of the best skiers in the world?” Sam Masters brings us the story of the type of skiing that launched wave after wave of ripping Kiwi skiers onto the global stage. In the resulting carnage it was often the New Zealanders who were left standing on the podium; leaving in their wake tongue-tied commentators, roaring spectators and the limp husks of their adversaries. Sam will present a quick-fire biography of 5 of NZ’s most influential skiers, with 30 breathtaking images of some of the wildest free skiing you’ll see anywhere on the planet.

Copies of The Story of New Zealand Free Skiing will be available for sale and signing tonight, one of the
first chances to grab this recently released title.

Tuesday June 29. 5.00pm to 6.30pm.
Book 3
Armstrong Room, Lake Wanaka Centre.