BOOK 2: From Ngäi Tahu mountain legends to -50 Celsius filmmaking: Nic Low, David Higgins and Max Quinn

A Ngäi Tahu perspective on traversing the Southern Alps with Nic Low and David Higgins.
“Our Mäori ancestors cloaked the land in stories and names. Could we use their ancient memory-maps to navigate the mountains today? Where would we end up?”

Tonight will be the world premiere book launch of Uprising. Author Nic Low will take us through the literal peaks and valleys of his book, about a journey that is a unique fusion of modern adventure with Mäori culture and heritage. Ngäi Tahu käumatua David Higgins will join Nic to outline the traditional history of Wakatipu, Te Manahuna (McKenzie Country) and Aoraki, providing a vivid and authentic context to this launch. A book event not to miss!

Copies of Uprising will be available for sale tonight before anywhere else in the world.

BREAK: The café will be open for a drink or a snack. Book sales and signings.

A Life of Extremes with polar filmmaker Max Quinn.
More people have summited Everest than have over-wintered in Antarctica, and barely a handful have ventured 80km from base in the 24-hour darkness. Max Quinn has done just that, all to get never-before captured footage of Emperor penguins shielding their precious eggs from the extreme cold. Max Quinn’s filmmaking career has taken him to the ends of the world. From NZ to Alaska and Antarctica to the Arctic, A Life of Extremes is a personal account of his work, with chilling narratives and compelling images that bring to life 20 years of sub-zero adventures.

A Life of Extremes was shortlisted for an award in our 2021 book competition.

Monday 28 June. 5.00pm to 6.30pm.
Book 2
Armstrong Room, Lake Wanaka Centre.