We use an ad-free video platform called Uscreen to view the films on your computer, TV, tablet or phone. It is very straight forward so just follow their instructions to purchase the Online Festival Pass, or singular Sessions.

Sign Up or Log In

Step 1: Go to our Online festival Site here

Step 2: Click on Buy a Festival Pass (if you are logged in to your account you will not see this option. Log out first).

Step 3: If you do not have an account, set one up with your name, email address and set a passwords. 

OR: If you already have an account, use your email and password to log in, or select ‘re-set password’ if required. 


Screening it on your TV

Most TVs have an HDMI socket in the back. Most computers also have an HMDI output socket, otherwise you need an adapter plug (usually a USB-C to HDMI). An adapter plug will also allow you to connect your iPad or iPhone via the HDMI cable (a Lightning to HDMI Converter). Then you can load our Online Festival page on your computer and play the shows through the better quality image and sound of the TV.

Once you connect your computer to your TV with an HDMI cable, then select the right HDMI input with your TV remote, and then load the page on your computer and start viewing.

You can also stream it wirelessly to a smart tv/apple tv/chromecast via bluetooth (more info here).

NOTE: for the sound to come through the TV you sometimes need to connect your computer before loading the Vimeo page. Otherwise go to settings > sound > output – and change it from ‘computer’ to ‘TV’.

PC Computer HDMI
Apple Computer HDMI socket
HDMI socket on a TV
HDMI Cable
Option 2: Chromecast

Cast from your laptop to a Chromecast enabled TV:

Uscreen helptext for connecting to Chromecast:


If the chromecast icon doesn’t appear, try connecting the Chromecast to your tv first with another app, then the cast icon should appear in the Uscreen video player window.

You can also Cast from uScreen through Chrome browser to Chromecast enabled TVs.  The Chromecast icon may not appear until you have followed these steps:


Option 3: 

Watch the Festival on your computer. If you are alone, use earphones to enhance the experience. If you are two or more people, see if you can connect your computer to a Bluetooth or regular wired speaker.


Go to our Uscreen Festival page and you can choose to rent one session or buy all of them with an Online Festival Pass.
NOTE: The single Sessions will only show for sale once they are screened live.