Tara Mulvany

Tara is everything we love about NZ adventurers. She is tough as guts, humble as hell, and she just quietly gets on with being epic. We were so stoked to have her at the 2020 festival we have asked her back to talk about her latest adventure. Tara was brought up in Southland, exploring the […]

Ron Hay

Ron Hay will be launching his brand new book, Spirit of the Mountains, during our book festival.  A magnificent coffee table quality book, it shows a lifetime of exploration of the southern alps, with rich illustrations and compelling narratives.  Copies of the new book will be available at the launch for signing.   “From difficult […]

Van Watson

Search for the deepest hole in the world 1973.  Deepest Papua New Guinea.  A handful of 20-something kiwis combing the jungle highlands, evading snakes, spiders, trenchfoot and head-hunters whilst looking for the deepest cave on the planet.  Having recently abandoned the traditional belayed rope ladders for the revolutionary ‘Single Rope Technique’ of modern caving, Van […]

Lynn Paterson

Finding Solo: a circumnavigation of NZ by Sea Kayak Known to all as “Red”, Lynn Paterson will present from her book about her 6000km solo kayak around Aotearoa’s coastline “If you have a dream ask yourself, how much are you willing to sacrifice to achieve it?” There is no barrier to living your dream, which […]