Wolf of Wingsuit

Wanaka Time
Wanaka 7.30 pm
Wanaka Session
Session 7

4 mins, Director: Aaron Garcia, Australia, NZ Premiere. 

In the beautiful and towering mountains of Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland, a paradise for wingsuit professionals seeking thrills during the off-season, the lives of two men converge. Avalon, an American wingsuit pilot, and a Filipino-Australian documentary filmmaker unite to capture Avalon’s audacious quest to leap from the mountainside as many times as humanly possible. 

This documentary transcends the eye-catching spectacle of the jump; it dives into the ascent up the mountain and the emotional journey preceding each take-off. The filmmaker carefully observes Avalon’s meticulous preparations, witnessing the careful preparation of parachute readiness and the exhausting hours spent navigating muddied terrain toward the exits. In the heart-stopping heights atop Mürren, a mountain village, Avalon faces the precipice with a calm demeanour that defies the terrifying spectacle below. Through the filmmaker’s lens, we glimpse the precious moments of adrenaline that transform into an unexpected calmness after the few seconds of intense free-fall. 

Titled ‘Wolf of Wingsuit’, this short documentary carefully displays the satisfying beauty and peacefulness within one of the most mentally demanding and complex human pursuits – wingsuit diving.