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Wanaka and Queenstown
Wanaka Time
7.00pm, Friday 25 June
Wanaka Session
Session 1
Wanaka Book Session
Queenstown Time
8.00pm, Thursday 1 July
Queenstown Session
Session Q1

3 mins, Director Cam Kerr, NZ, World Premiere.

Not everyone who goes to the river makes it home. The risks and rewards of kayaking are difficult to perceive to those who don’t paddle. We get asked “why” as though we are just hopping in a barrel and pushing off into the rapids, but kayaking is not a mindless stunt. It’s a challenging sport with a level of skill, practice, teamwork and tough decision-making the general population doesn’t see. It can be risky, but for most people the real aim is to be calm amid the chaos, putting the pieces together to move through an extreme environment safely.