The Wild Side

Wanaka Time
Wanaka Session
Session 5
Queenstown Time
Queenstown Session

40 mins, Director Bevan A Waite, USA, NZ Premiere.

This film follows a unique band of bike riding friends that all share one thing in common: trails.  Mountain biking is rapidly expanding, and trail building is not far behind.  Trails bring joy to our lives and feed the soul.  If you follow them, they often reveal special places and inspire an appreciation of the world.  Trails also erode land and overpopulate the natural habitats of sensitive species.  At their conception and with prolonged use, over time, trails have a significant impact on their local ecosystem.  The five characters you meet in this film help guide a story of trails.  They discuss issues surrounding the recent surge in trail building and describe how there are ways to mitigate impacts.  The group will impress you, intrigue you, and ultimately enlighten you while enjoying amazing scenery from The Wild Side.