The Nose Speed Record

Wanaka Time
3.30pm, Sunday 27 June
Wanaka Session
Session 6
Wanaka Book Session
Queenstown Session


63 mins, Director Sender Films, USA, NZ premiere, not available through the Online Festival.

For decades a handful of elite climbers have competed for the coveted speed record on the 1,000m Nose of El Capitan, risking big falls to shave mere seconds off the fastest time. When a record held by superstar Alex Honnold is broken by little-known climbers Brad Gobright and Jim Reynolds, Honnold calls in fellow climbing legend Tommy Caldwell to establish a new mark that will stand the test of time. Honnold pushes for perfection while Caldwell, a family man, wrestles with the risk amid a series of accidents on the wall that lay bare the consequences of any mistake.