Sequoia Schmidt

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Sequoia is a bestselling author, adventurer, and speaker. Her debut book, Journey of Heart; A Sojourn to K2, was a finalist in the 2016 International Book Awards and chronicles Sequoia’s journey through Pakistan to the mountain that claimed the lives of her brother and father, K2. Released in May 2018, Sequoia’s highly anticipated second book, Changing Gears; Ups and Downs on the New Zealand Road, tells the story of her 2017, 28-day solo cycle across New Zealand’s South and North Islands.

Although known for her writing, Sequoia is also renowned in the publishing world. Her company Di Angelo Publications, which she started at the age of 16, now represents some of the biggest names in the literary world and is one of the fastest-growing modernised publishing platforms in the world.

Whether it be BASE jumping, skydiving, cycling or climbing in the Himalayas, Sequoia passionately follows her adventurous spirit and articulately writes about her magnificent journeys.