Sam Masters

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Sam published The Story of New Zealand Freeskiing in 2021, to widespread critical acclaim – in the Masters family. The success of this globally-unique history prompted him to write Ski Bum – a love letter to the sport/religion/vocation/lifestyle/job of being a ski bum.

Sam has chased snow his entire life; across ten countries, 78 winters, and hundreds of ski resorts. To feed his powder addiction, Sam has worked as a dishwasher, cutlery polisher, half-pipe shaper, ski technician, boot monkey, tour guide, snow shoveller, and journalist. A former editor of Powderhound ski magazine, Sam has published hundreds of articles in the global snowsports media. Sam wrote, filmed, produced and anchored The Mayhem Tour – a snowsports TV show and webzine (that’s really what they called it in the early noughties). Sam edits the historical/satirical ski mag, Fat Cantab. Ski Bum is Sam’s second book.