Remembering Sudan: The Last Male Northern White Rhino

Wanaka Time
Wanaka 11:00 am
Wanaka Session
Session 5

12 mins, Director Ami Vitale, Kanya, NZ Premiere.

Zacharia Mutai was devastated the day he lost his best friend Sudan. Sudan was someone he spent years with, someone he knew better than his own children, someone he loved. This death was tragic, but not a surprise.

Zacharia, the head rhino caregiver at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in northern Kenya, was caring for the last remaining northern white rhinos on the planet. His friend Sudan was the last male rhino of this species.

Sudan, 45-years-old, was gentle, hulking and otherworldly. His final moments were eerily quiet — just the sound of the rain falling, a single bird scolding, and the muffled sorrow of his caretakers.