Natural State of Being

Wanaka and Queenstown
Wanaka Time
Wanaka 3:00 pm
Wanaka Session
Session 3
Queenstown Time
Queenstown 7:30 pm
Queenstown Session
Session Q3

38 mins, Producer Janina Kuzma, NZ, NZ Premiere.

An epic adventure film that takes us on a thrilling journey through Sarek National Park in Sweden, where Janina Kuzma, Evelina and Julia Nilsson embark on a 14-day expedition to explore the untouched wilderness and ski some of the most challenging lines. With their pulkas trailing behind them, the trio set off on a perilous quest to conquer a legendary couloir, believed to be the most challenging ski descent in the region. 

As they navigate the treacherous terrain, fight off extreme weather conditions, and battle their own fears and limitations, the women discover the true meaning of resilience, determination and teamwork. Against all odds, they push themselves to the limit and finally reach their goal, skiing down the epic couloir with sheer joy and triumph. Natural State of Being is a breath-taking tribute to the human spirit and a testament to the power of adventure and exploration.