Mark Watson

Wanaka and Queenstown
Saturday June 26
Session 4

Mark Watson: a photographer by vocation and an adventurer by nature.

His photography work is focused on landscapes, adventure and travel photography. His adventurous life includes mountains, biking and the outdoors.

One of his mighty feats includes a 46,000km transcontinental bike epic from Deadhorse, Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina. He took two bikes, one wife and 4 years to navigate an uncommon route through the American Cordillera. Covid chopped the trip short; the plan is to return when able to complete the journey.

Mark co-authored his first book, Our Mountains, with Paul Hersey. The book showcases 100 stunning images of 15 New Zealand mountains. His next book Te Araroa – Walking New Zealand’s 3000 km Trail, captures landscapes along the trail. In 2016 he published Photographing Aoraki Mount Cook.

Mark is a New Zealand-based photographer and author specialising in landscape, adventure and travel photography. He has a professional background in publishing and graphic design. His passion for climbing, cycling and photography have taken him all over New Zealand and many places overseas in search of fresh experiences in the crags and mountains, on trails and among new cultures.

With his partner Hana Black, Mark spent close to four years bikepacking (nearly) the length of the Americas. A 45,500km journey from Alaska to central Patagonia via the road less travelled, generally following the American Cordillera – the ranges which form the continental divides of both North and South America. The pair were forced home from Chile by Covid-19 and are currently enjoying life back in NZ, while plotting their return to South America to finish their ride.

In 2013 Mark co-authored his first book, Our Mountains. This was followed in 2015 by the acclaimed Te Araroa – Walking New Zealand’s 3000 km trail – a photographic exploration of New Zealand’s long distance trail and its diverse landscapes. In September 2016, Photographing Aoraki Mount Cook – A guide to the best walks and photography locations was published.

He is an ambassador for Otso Cycles, Revelate Designs, Biomaxa & Sungod.

Talk Description:

Cycling from Alaska to Patagonia via the American Cordillera: Twenty Questions
Ever wondered what it’s like to spend four years on the road, travelling by bicycle, though the hottest jungles and highest mountains of the Americas?

Mark will answer your questions via a wide ranging presentation covering his and his partner’s 45,500km cycling journey from the North Coast of Alaska to Patagonia. With an emphasis on lightweight travel and exploring off the beaten track, Mark and Hana’s journey followed the continental divides of both continents through sixteen countries and a diverse variety of cultures and climates.