Home Lines

Wanaka and Queenstown
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Wanaka Session
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Queenstown Time
Queenstown Session
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34 mins, Director Yucca Films, France, Subtitles, NZ Premiere.

The Covid-19 pandemic, like global warming, has forced us all to change our old habits and to take a new look at our immediate surroundings. In today’s world, looking for adventure in your own backyard makes so much sense. Home Lines focuses on this new paradigm, embarking on a low impact expedition close to home. No moralizing or judgment implied, just a simple proposition, a yearning, an experience.

The 10-day adventure takes place among the awe-inspiring peaks of the Beaufortain mountains in the Northern French Alps. An amazing Freeride BC spot including steep couloirs and a playful west-facing terrain. Whether standing on a vertiginous summit at dawn, or getting big air at sunset, the range proves an ideal location to set up camp for an out-of-this-world experience and a self-imposed shelter-in-place like no other. Travel to this magical location by train, shuttle, and of course with the power of our own legs.

The temporary self-sufficient base camp hosts a small flock of backcountry enthusiasts with enough food and solar panels to stay off the grid for the expedition’s entire duration. This utopian backcountry escapade among the pristine snow-covered peaks of the Beaufortain mountains combines high-performance athletics with a collective experience. The film also highlights what happens behind the scenes, explaining the intricate details so that moviegoers have the answers and motivation they need to embark on their own adventure.