Great Sheikhs

Wanaka Time
Wanaka Session
Session 6
Queenstown Time
Queenstown Session

30 mins, Director Alastair Lee, UK, NZ Premiere. SPECIAL JURY AWARD

Join Britain’s top adventure climber Leo Houlding on an exploratory climbing mission to the unclimbed desert towers of Saudi Arabia, in the outstanding Wadi Al Disah region. Accompanied by tree climber Waldo Etherington, this stunning journey is as entertaining as it is revealing where our duo encounter loose rock and deep sand during the first ascents of freestanding towers; ‘If this was Moab it would have been climbed in the 60s’.

We are treated to the obligatory camel ride, perplexed locals and some good old fashioned dirt bagging as the voyage culminates with an audacious ascent of A’Atir, possibly the world’s tallest sandstone tower (330m). A film that glows with the stark beauty of the Arabian desert and the sincerity of a climber in his element.