Free Rider

Wanaka and Queenstown
Wanaka Time
Wanaka 7:30 pm
Wanaka Session
Session 9
Queenstown Time
Queenstown 7:30 pm
Queenstown Session
Session Q3

35 mins, Director Jérôme Tanon, France, NZ Premiere, subtitles.

Sam Anthamatten and Victor De Le Rue explore the wildest corner of Alaska in search of the craziest spine walls to ski and snowboard. A bush pilot drops the small crew of five on a remote, unexplored glacier to establish a base camp. They attempt to conquer the spine walls by foot, in a series of ascents, each time always more committed. Narrator Jérôme Tanon explains from up close and personal, with honesty and a touch of sarcasm, what exactly is going on here. The film aims to get the viewer to put yourself in their shoes, to feel what it’s really like to surf such mountains; to understand what so-called “free riders” are made of, and what could be the purpose and the beauty of “freeriding”.