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8 mins, Directors Matteo Pavana & Marco Zanone, Italy, NZ Premiere.

What are the influences of social media in mountaineering? Fabian Buhl has a clear idea about it.  The “unknown” has become less and less, the times of exploration have become shorter, and the dangers, consequently, higher and higher.  German, born in 1990, Fabi is one of the most polivalent mountaineers on the world stage. He characterises today’s mountaineering: athletic performance, sobriety, respect for the past and creativity across different disciplines. His awareness reflects a countertrend in which there is no need to show the best version of oneself or follow a deceptive mechanism of self-celebration. Having been a top-level climber, he turns towards a 360-degree knowledge of the mountain: from multipitch, to ice falls, from the great climbs, solo mountains, to paragliding. In fact, paragliding is the sport-metaphor of this film.