Deane Parker

Wanaka Time
11.00am to 12.00pm, Sunday June 23 at the Wanaka Arts Centre
Wanaka Session

Deane will be facilitating our Funding a Film DocTalk

With a strong passion for videography and storytelling, Deane regularly produces adventure films for film festivals and online audiences. He is also the visual storyteller and video content creator at Quorum Sense, a network led by and supporting NZ farmers and growers in the shift to biological and regenerative practices.

Deane’s background in adventure tourism and outdoor recreation helped hone the inquisitive mind he’s used to incorporate regenerative farming practises into wife Melissa’s family dairy farm. His combination of videography skills and farming knowledge make him ideally suited to the role of capturing and documenting the network’s farmer case studies, field days and Quorum Exchange event.

When not working on the farm or for Quorum Sense, you’ll most likely find him at the pointy end of a mountain bike trail or rafting a set of rapids, often with his family alongside.