Dancing with Grebes

Wanaka Time
Wanaka 11.00 am
Wanaka Session
Session 5

11 mins, Director: Shania Riethmann, Lesley Stone and Rhys Latton, NZ, NZ Premiere. 

Not all conservation stories in New Zealand are filled with optimism, but this one is different. Upon retiring to Lake Wānaka, Central Otago, lifelong conservationist John Darby ONZM, directed his focus towards the threatened Pūteketeke, or Australasian Crested Grebe, trying to find out why this bird had so much trouble successfully breeding on the lake. 

Ten years later the Wānaka community has got behind John Darby’s initiatives, and, due to beneficial interventions, the grebes are moving from strength to strength in building a healthy colony on the lake. Join presenter Rhys Latton in asking John and his “grebe team” what is so precious about this plucky bird and watch the stars of the show do their mating dance out on the picturesque waters of Wānaka. 

This film was created by Shania Riethmann, Lesley Stone and Rhys Latton as part of the requirements for the Film 412 paper in the Department of Science Communication at the University of Otago.