Claire Keeling

Wanaka and Queenstown
Wanaka Time
5:00pm Saturday June 26,
Wanaka Session
Wanaka Book Session
Queenstown Time
5:00pm Thursday July, 1
Queenstown Session

Tourism Carbon Offsetting Workshop

Join the movement of tourism operators who are starting their journey of measuring, reducing and offsetting their carbon footprints. Aotearoa has made the commitment to be net Zero Carbon by 2050, and there are major strategic advantages for tourism making the transition early. Claire is here to help demystify the carbon footprint measurement process by taking attendees through the carbon measurement process. The workshop will cover: The importance and the advantages of understanding your business’s carbon footprint; How to start measuring and reducing – the information you need to collect; A sense of how much it might cost and the pathways to Zero Carbon certification; and an insight into the benefits of offsetting with ethical forest carbon.