Chris Long

Wanaka Time
Tuesday June 28 – 5.00pm to 6.30pm
Wanaka Session
Queenstown Time
Queenstown Session

Chris Long grew up in one of the most remote areas of New Zealand, two days’ hike from the nearest road, on the West Coast of the South Island. With nature on his doorstep, it was a simple yet blissful upbringing spent helping his father catch crayfish and his mother grow vegetables, playing with toys crafted from driftwood and jade, and learning to survive in the wild.

He has told the story of his extraordinary childhood through his book The Boy from Gorge River.  Chris will be speaking at the festival about his book, which follows on from his parents’ accounts A Life on Gorge River and A Wife on Gorge River.

Since leaving Gorge River he has travelled to over sixty countries and six continents from the Arctic to the Antarctic, encountering endangered wildlife, untouched environments, and people – like himself – from the remotest corners of the earth.