Cerro Torre Climb and Fly

Wanaka Time
Wanaka 3.00 pm
Wanaka Session
Session 8

26 mins, Director: Mario Heller, Switzerland, Subtitles.  

The tales told about this majestic mountain and the incredible climbing on offer are legendary. The West Face route with its long glacier approach through the Circo de los Altares certainly feels ‘out there’. That the whole team were able to take off from the summit with their paragliders is a testament to their skill, both as climbers and as pilots. 

After recovering from Covid 19 they start the approach towards the mountain, crossing the Marconi Pass before running into friends with whom they form a strong alliance. After another three days, they reach the summit which is just big enough to lunch with the paragliders. The tension is high. Pablo is first in line.