Being Human

Wanaka and Queenstown
Wanaka Time
Wanaka 3.00 pm
Wanaka Session
Session 3
Queenstown Time
Queenstown 3.00 pm
Queenstown Session
Session Q2

5-17 mins, Director: Pedro Pimentel, NZ, World Premiere. 

When faced with the ultimate challenge of losing the love of her life to paragliding, Andra Whipple dives into seven years of excruciating mourning pain. Pushing herself constantly into the world of aerial sports and some incredible acrobatic stunts she seeks adrenaline and proximity to death as a means to escape and numb her pain. Living life on the brink of collapse for multiple years, with the help of a community and friends, she eventually realises that the choice is in her and finds a light at the end of the tunnel to bring herself back to a “normal” life.  

 In this short film, Andra opens herself to what the last seven years were, from the day she got the phone call to this new chapter of her life of peace and serenity. In her words, if opening and exposing her experience to the world can at least help one person in a similar situation to find some hope and a way out from the darkness she believes that it is all worth it. Along the way, we visited two aerial stunts that took place at Coronet Peak and produced some incredible aerial imagery with both one and two athletes hanging and performing silks aerials and trapezing underneath a paraglider.