Beau Miles (Australia)

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A self-described oddball, Beau Miles is the Backyard Adventurer. Having spent years adventuring around the globe – running, kayaking, hitchhiking and exploring – the YouTuber and, now author, is staying put for the first time in years and developing a new kind of lifestyle, seeking adventure in his own Australian backyard.

Whether it’s walking 90km to work with no provisions, building a canoe paddle out of scavenged scrap or running a disused railway line through properties, blackberry thickets and past inquiring police officers, Beau has been finding ways to satisfy his adventurous spirit close to home.

His book, The Backyard Adventurer, is about conscious experimentation with adventure, filled with new ideas on experimental learning, making meaning and inspiration out of tins of beans, bits of rubbish and elbow grease. This is one man’s unique take on the world and how to go about life, and it redefines and challenges what it means to go adventuring.