Wanaka and Queenstown
Wanaka Time
7.30pm, Monday 28 June
Wanaka Session
Session 9
Wanaka Book Session
Queenstown Time
8pm, Friday 2 July
Queenstown Session
Session Q2

8 mins, Director Mike Handford, Produced by: All Us In Winterland, NZ, NZ Premiere.

Baptistina was the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs. For us, it was the asteroid that challenged our film style. Last winter, after watching ski edit after ski edit with cheesy voice overs, we had an idea while listening to Apocalyptical from Radiolab: ‘What if we took a podcast, cut it with music and ran it with a ski movie?’. So we reached out to Canadream, kicked off AUIW’s third Biennial camper trip and headed to Mt. Baker Ski Area and Revelstoke Mountain Resort to see if we could bring the idea to life. Here’s something different: turn up the volume, hope you enjoy.