2022 Exhibitors 

We’re delighted to confirm these exhibitors for the 2022 festival; 

Cory Marshall

Photography from Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park.

Originally from the USA, he is now based in Queenstown and runs the Cory Marshall Gallery featuring his stunning New Zealand Landscape photography, images from Jordan McInally along with bespoke furniture by Dusty and Douglas.

Nicki Jackson

Nicki is a fine-detail NZ landscape painter based in Queenstown. 

She paints with acrylic paint on a variety of surfaces and is noted for the photographic quality of her work.


Sara Litchfield

Sara is a writer and photographer based in Te Anau, on the doorstep of Fiordland National Park. 

She is happiest out in the wild, exploring the forests, lakes, mountains and coastlines that make Aotearoa so special.


Chrissy Wickes

I am a community artist here on Wānaka. I am both an art student through The Learning Connexion and a teacher. I take kids and adult art classes here in Wānaka.
I love nature and being part of this wonderful country, Aotearoa. My work reflects wild places and the energy and beauty of them. 
I work on and off canvas painting on transformer boxes, concrete walls, old water and snow skis, canvas, wooden rafters. You name it, I’ll paint it! I enjoy painting in oil and acrylics. I also enjoy dry mediums like charcoal. 
I also recently published a book ‘Creative Conservation’ featuring 40 artists that work in conservation, their story and their artwork.


Hannah Marshall

Switching out the skiing sticks for painting ones, Hannah is known locally for her playful ski paintings which display a number of tiny skiers (or party shredders as she likes to call them) dotted colorfully across a blank canvas. 

Each painting she creates aims to evoke fond memories of times spent up the mountain with loved ones. She says, “It’s the feeling of floating through fresh snow on a powder day, the blissful stillness of being in the hills with only the sound of the swish of your skis and those hooting companions still screaming yahoos on their tenth run of the day.” Her paintings are created with love for you, your family and friends and would make the perfect addition to any ski lover’s home, accommodation or office space. 


Liu Yang

Originally from China, she is a travel writer and photographer based in Fox Glacier and runs LiuLiu Photography Ltd. She has been inspired by the unique nature in NZ. Nature has shaped her arts. Her backyard is Fox Glacier and Lake Matheson. She always feels happy on the ice, finds inner peace with the reflection lake and enjoys the time with Kea in town and bioluminescence Fungi in the forest.

Instagram: @kathyliuliu  |  FB: LiuLiu Photography

Agata Skoneczna

Originally from Poland, she is now based in Christchurch. She works as a structural engineer during the day but after work she loves drawing and painting, which is very often inspired by her previous travels, architecture, and New Zealand’s landscape. Her works are usually made with watercolour or pencil and they try to capture the role of light in defining our impression of the environment we are surrounded by.

Instagram: @skoneczna_visualarts  |  Fb: Agata Skoneczna: Visual Arts

Deanna Gerlach

Based in Wanaka, Deanna is a professional photographer, who walked Te Araroa last summer, with her young family.

A selection of images of the next generation of adventurers, having a great adventure in our backyard


Kia ora Artists!

Applications for the 2022 Art display are now closed.

We’ll invite you to contact is in May next year for the next display. 

No commission for works sold will be charged by the NZ Mountain Film Festival. Selling of works is optional for artists and photographers. We just want to encourage artists and provide an extra element for visitors’ to enjoy at the festival.

The artists’ and photographers’ work should reflect the festival’s theme “Adventurous Sports and Lifestyles” and depict the world’s outdoor spaces, mountains, lakes, sea and rivers as well as outdoor people, sports and scenery.