Kia ora Artists!

The festival is delighted to display works from a range of NZ artists and photographers, all with unique takes on our theme ‘Adventurous Sports & Lifestyles.” We welcome emerging and established artists from Wānaka and around New Zealand. It’s free to display, and no commission is taken on art sales. If you’re interested in displaying your art this year, please check out all the details and register via the button above. Space is limited, so it’s best to apply early; confirmed artists will be notified mid-May.


Check out this year’s awesome artists! Images are examples of the artists’ works and are not necessarily the works that will be displayed. Reach out directly to artists if you’re keen to learn more! 


Cory Marshall is a landscape photographer based in Wanaka, New Zealand. Originally from California, Cory and his wife Kelly relocated to Wanaka in 2017. Cory’s work focuses on stunning landscapes from around the world. Since moving to New Zealand, Cory has built a wonderful library of New Zealand images from the rugged coastlines to the snowcapped mountains. In addition to photography, Cory prints all of his images himself onto ChromaLuxe aluminium panels using a process called dye sublimation at his print studio in Wanaka.

IG: @corymarshallgallery


Architectural graduate by day and artist by night, I make a living drafting and constructing space. However these drawings are constrained with rules, regulations and prioritise clarity above all else. My art practice—while embedded in this foundation—is a reaction that explores an alternate world of atmosphere, imperfection and existentialism. In the past few years my work has been exhibited in London at the Sir John Soane Museum, the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts and Adam Art Gallery both in Wellington, as well as being featured in Architecture NZ and Architectural Design (AD) magazines. For the past year the I have fallen in love with the changing seasons of Arrowtown, and my latest series searches for ways to capture these moments through intaglio printmaking.

IG: @william.dutoit


Zdena is an artist who came to New Zealand from Czech Republic.
Zdena’s creativity started at a young age when her father would frequently take her to Prague’s art galleries and introduce her to the world of art. She is predominantly a self -taught painter working in acrylics and oils and her work focuses on emotional responses triggered by her surroundings.
Description of the art submitted:
Living on the lake’s edge at Lake Hood has been the inspiration for this art work. Often there are yachts in view, as we look to the magnificent Southern Alps. My soul is enriched by the statue of the mountains and the serenity of the sail boats, in my mind this inspires the bright colours and absolute energy.
My intention was to create a big, bright, colourful art piece that would feature positive energy, vitality and enthusiasm, that I experienced while creating it. The image is densely worked, multi-layered with light and shadows, including the familiar and the mysterious.


Andy is an Accredited Master Photographer with New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography (NZIPP) and has been involved in the professional photographic industry for over 20 years, gaining multiple awards in a variety of genre.
Andy’s passion for adventure started from an early age. It has taken him to many parts of the world, with involvement in a variety of occupations. He started his working life as a hydrology technician in New Zealand and Antarctica, later becoming involved in the tourism industry as a commercial pilot, skipper, ski patroller and alpine guide.
In addition, he has spent several seasons on expedition ships in the Antarctic Peninsula, sub-Antarctic Islands, Australia, Pacific Islands and New Zealand in roles of photographer, presenter, expedition leader and zodiac driver.
IG: @andywoods_photographer


Art has always been an intrinsic part of my life, with my love for animals and the natural world being the predominant theme in my work.
I enjoy creating my illustrations via hand drawing on my iPad. This allows me to save paper and materials. However, the majority of my art is expressive mixed media works using watercolour and acrylic paints.
My endeavour is for my art to leave an impression and evoke and emotional response from the viewer.
IG: Artbybeka.b


Born in Kenya, East Africa, I was raised with a keen appreciation for art. My grandfather, Cecil St Vincent Cripps, a watercolour artist, used pen, ink and watercolour to paint local people and surrounding scenery.
I worked in Kenya, Uganda, then left for the UK and Europe, then returned to South Africa. I took up painting and joined South African art groups, married and raised children, remarried and moved to Brisbane, Australia.
I set up Clifton Hill Art Group which exhibited every October for 16 years. I also exhibited widely in Australia and beyond, receiving many awards.
Recently I moved to New Zealand to be with my family.
Other interests include calligraphy, gardening and fabric painting.


I am mostly a landscape artist. I enjoy a range of mediums; oil painting, printing, charcoal. I often work off canvas. As a conservationist I enjoy celebrating the beauty of nature. Running art workshops for children and adults out in nature is my happy place!
IG: @chrissywickes


Switching out the skiing sticks for painting ones, Hannah is known locally for her playful ski paintings which display a number of tiny skiers (or party shredders as she likes to call them) dotted colorfully across a blank canvas. Each painting she creates aims to evoke fond memories of times spent up the mountain with loved ones. She says, “It’s the feeling of floating through fresh snow on a powder day, the blissful stillness of being in the hills with only the sound of the swish of your skis and those hooting companions still screaming yahoos on their tenth run of the day.” Her paintings are created with love for you, your family and friends and would make the perfect addition to any ski lover’s home.
IG: @coldsnapclub


Diana Adams is a local Wanaka artist who moved south from Governors Bay, Christchurch 8 years ago. Originally training in linguistics and later in landscape architecture, the lure of painting finally took over in 2000 when Diana had her first solo show at Little River Gallery.
A full time artist for 24 years, she is best known for painting the NZ landscape in a bared down form which captures the presence of the land. Mountains, rivers, lakes, and wild places are her constant inspiration.
Diana is now exploring a new direction in her work creating paintings and sculptures that are inspired by topographical maps but embedding the contours with the colours and textures of the land. She also imbues meaning relating to history and her lived experience of travel through the landscape.
When not painting or sculpting in paper clay, she can be found out and about enjoying adventures with friends, her husband and daughter, and Baxter her 7 year old spoodle. Diana has exhibited throughout NZ, and her paintings are in private collections all over the world.
Her next exhibition will be at Little River Gallery in August 2024.
facebook: Diana Adams-Artist
instagram: dianaadamsartist


I am self and workshop taught. The mountains of our backyard are my inspiration. Being in the mountains these days involves a different purpose than tramping through or climbing. I am involved in predator trapping, which takes me into the Makarora, Young and Blue valleys. I often combine the energies involved in trapping for several days with afterwards creating paintings that express the beauty and power of the places I have been and also the astounding birds I am trying to protect. The artwork supplied shows the South Young valley with Mt Awful rising out of its head.


Mountains, lakes and rivers have always had a special place in my life. I grew up in the Waitaki Valley, attended Otago University then moved to Wellington for work. My love for tramping, climbing, skiing, and cycling took me all over the country, deep into the mountains and to the top of many peaks. I’ve had a lifelong interest in art and the natural world is often referenced in what I paint and print.
I paint from an attic studio in my home in the middle of the city and work in a range of mediums including watercolour and oil. I also enjoy print making – woodblock and linocut. I’m always looking for pattern in what I see and strive to simplify back to the essential essence of what I’m looking at.
I exhibit my work regularly in Wellington and in Otago. Last year I picked up a Curators Award at the NZAFA Matariki Exhibition.
IG: @maxim.judith


Hey, I’m Lukas – an enthusiast photographer and a great outdoors lover. After moving to New Zealand over 4 years ago the focus of my photography switched from live music to landscapes, people in nature and mountain based adventure sports. When I’m not at work, the odds are I’m doing one of the following: making a morning pour over, biking the trails of Bike Glendhu or Sticky Forest, snowboarding the Treble Cone and Cardrona or getting lost in Southern Alps.
IG: @lukasborowik


Sina Sibler (born 1988 in Berlin, Germany)
I have started drawing in 2018 when I settled in Te Anau. It started out as a hobby and I’m very much self-taught. I focus on pencil and ink because I love the detail I can achieve. When I’m in the state of flow I can spend all day on a drawing without noticing time. I even dream of my drawings and pencil strokes and sometimes I wake up with a new idea. Other ispirations I get when I’m in nature working as a conservation biologist or hiking in my leisure time.
IG: @Artistsinasibler


Originally from the UK, I have lived in Central Otago for 40 years where I enjoy the outdoors life. I started painting after attending Wanaka Autumn Art School and belong to an art group which meets regularly on Monday and Thursdays.