08.30 Register and welcome.
09.00 Planning and Production, Developing a story line, Locations, Roles in Film Making.
10.00 Advice regarding camera / sound / accessories – DSLR, Compact, GoPro, Video camera.
10.45 Break.
11.00 Health & Safety
11.30 Workflow. Basics of camera & sound technique.
12.30 Lunch.
13.00 Visit an outside location, a short walk / drive from the venue (weather permitting). Film a short Adventure Sports sequence. Practical use of cameras and sound on location. Note individuals will get hands on experience chance to both film and record sound.
16.00 Learn how to download & capture your material. Review of material and feedback. Q & A.
18.00 Close


08.30 Register and welcome.
09.00 Review of day 1. Q & A’s. Assess the footage shot the previous day.
10.00 Techniques for filming a successful interview
11.00 Break.
11.15 Editing – Which program? PC or Mac?
12.00 Lunch.
12.30 Basics of Editing.
13.30 Editing day 1 footage into a sequence.
14.30 Editing sound. Interviews and music. Exporting the film. Publish to YouTube and Vimeo
15.30 Q & A
18.00 Close